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Dr Eleanor Kellon Dr Eleanor Kellon VMD online nutrition courses. I thoroughly recommend her courses for those who would like to learn themselves how to balance their horses' feed.

DLSD group DLSD stands for Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Desmitis. This condition is frequently referred to as ‘dropped pasterns’. In the past, people used to think that it was due to an injury or overuse but in the last few years, research has discovered that this is not just a condition of dropped pasterns but affects the connective tissue throughout the entire body. Dr Eleanor Kellon VMD offers advice and support for owners of DLSD sufferers.

ECIRHorse This is a website celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Equine Cushings and Insulin Resistance group. A great resource of easy to access information.

Equine Cushings group The Equine Cushings and Insulin Resistance group is the largest equine Yahoo list with over 8000 members. A place where experiences, veterinary knowledge and research, advice, and help can be shared to help deal more effectively with the diagnosis, symptoms, problems and emotions that occur. Dr Eleanor Kellon VMD contributes.

EPSM group This group is for anyone who owns a horse with Equine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (EPSM) or just wants to learn more about it. EPSM is a problem in which the body cannot use carbohydrates for energy, and a number of symptoms develop including stumbling and tying up. Anyone with a large Thoroughbred, warmblood or draft horse should be concerned about this problem, as studies are now finding it to be very common in large horses. Many vets know little or nothing about it, as it is a recently discovered problem.

Myth Busters Natural Horse Care A great resource of information based on science and not on myths or pseudo science. Not entirely on nutrition, also looks at worming and training methods and other aspects of horse management.

Nutrition product links

Following are horse feeds that I'm very happy to recommend to clients as the product is what I consider horse 'health food', high in soluble fermentable fibre and low in sugars but still have an energy level close to oats. The digestive system of horses evolved on fibre, horses are happier and calmer on a high fibre diet. Forage comes first and if not enough, then choose a high fibre feed.

Energreen Maxisoy This 100% soybean hulls feed is a high soluble fermentable fibre, low sugar and starch and low fat feed. An excellent feed for all horses but must be mineral balanced. Can be soaked or not.

Speedi-Beet Beet pulp is a high soluble fermentable fibre, low sugar and starch and low fat feed. Can be soaked and rinsed to remove some of the iron contamination and soluble sugars and makes a great mash. An excellent feed for all horses but must be mineral balanced.


Dixon Smith Endurance Tack For quality long distance riding equipment.

Equiculture Jane Myers is well known for her presentations on managing small horse properties, if you haven't attended one of her presentations put it in your 'must do' list. Her website is a great resource for all things to do with horse management.

Kikkuli Method/Ann Nyland Dr Ann Nyland has published a number of books that are invaluable for the horse owner. Two titles of note are:

Natural Horse Care The Right Way - Up to date information about worming, barefoot and feeding in a book by Dr Ann Nyland.

Horse and Donkey Worms and Worming - A clear easy-to-understand guide to horse and donkey worms and wormers. Although written in easy language for the layperson, the book is heavily referenced to scientific academic journals. Today, the problem worm is the small strongyle yet the vast majority of advice given today for worming horses is still aimed at the old regimens suited for eradicating the large strongyle. Rotation is no longer advocated by equine parasitologists. The book cuts through the claims about worming products, both chemical and natural / herbal, and presents the scientific evidence. When to worm, resistance, rotational wormings, harrowing, are all covered in this book.

Natural Horse World Cynthia Cooper has put together a great resource of information to do with training and managing horses (some nutrition advice/links is a bit dodgy, be aware). Cynthia sells a bitless bridle she designed, I'm very impressed with the Light Rider Performer bitless bridle.

Nicole Cameron Artwork Gorgeous paintings and other work, this is one very creative and talented artist. Well worth a look.



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